Nov 132014

DE Designs Alexa

DE Designs just turned 10 years old last week. One of the things I miss the most about the old days is drawing designs on the old system layers. However, with the new mesh bodies available now, it allows me to do some of it again. The Alexa Lingerie includes System Layers as well as appliers for Belleza and SLink bodies.

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Sep 162014

DE Ariana Halter Blog

DE Ariana Shorts Blog

Halter and Shorts to mix and match from. Each includes 5 sizes and Fitted Mesh.

The HUD for the Shorts has 4 belt options, 3 belt hardware options, 2 shorts hardware options and a option for No Belt.

The HUD for the Halter has 2 hardware options.

Multipacks Available.

Demos Available.

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